Mailing Services

Mailing Services

At Custom Mail Solutions, our professional services will help you control postage costs, while building a successful marketing campaign. As a turn-key provider of design, print and mailing services, we offer a wide variety of mailing services to help enhance your next project:

Custom Mailing Services in Raleigh:

At Custom Mail Solutions, we understand that the bulk mail system is complicated, which is why we are here to help. When you know the rules for mailing services, it is easy to achieve the best postage rates while we do all the work! Our team of mail house professionals has been serving the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill market for close to 20 years and we will help walk you through the mailing process.  Additionally, we can help you with print services so you know your mail piece fits exactly within post office regulations.

Some of our mailing services include:

  • Move Update/National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Process Mailing List as First Class, Marketing Mail (formerly Presort Standard) or Non-Profit
  • Name and Address
  • Sorting for USPS Postal Regulations
  • CASS Certify to meet postage regulations
  • Variable Data Imprinting
  • Barcode Imprinting
  • Mail Merge Printing
  • Tabbing
  • Fold
  • Insert
  • Collate

The process is simple. Bring or ship your mailing piece to us, provide a database of addresses, and we handle the rest. You can be sure your mailing will be sent in an efficient, timely manner and you will be notified the day we deliver your mailing to the USPS.

Contact us online today or call us at (919) 856-9520 to discuss your next mailing project!


Additional Mail Services Include:

  • Postal Proofing:
    Prior to printing, we will Postal Proof your mailing. This process is highly recommended and can save time, money and frustration. E-mail or send us your mailing piece and we will determine if it meets postal mailing regulations.
  • USPS Address Verification:
    Before being mailed, we run your address list through a postal database to verify each of the addresses is valid, and properly addressed. This process saves you money by updating or removing bad addresses, and also expedites your campaign by helping materials reach their destination as quickly as possible.
  • Custom, Targeted Address Lists:
    Need a mailing list for your marketing campaign? We can create a list specific to your targeted demographic. A targeted mailing list will maximize the efficiency of your campaign by getting the message into the hands of those individuals most likely to be interested.
  • Storage of Mail Campaign Materials:
    Tired of having boxes of postcards, letters and other campaign materials sitting around your office? We can store your materials in our warehouse, where they will be ready to mail and out of sight.